What we do

Mobility Africa Energy’s long-term vision is to bridge the digital and services gap that exists between urban and rural communities through the power of solar. 

Empower Customers

At Mobility Africa Energy, we empower our customers by designing and funding energy solutions optimised for their specific needs. This allows customers to use and manage a customised energy generation plant without the risk of incurring the initial capital investment.

Optimised Energy Solution

We constantly seek to Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of energy usage by our customers through the provision of real-time generation and consumption data coupled with automated demand management systems.

Plan for Growth

MAE empowers customers by designing and funding energy solution optimised for their specific needs. This allows clients to effectively plan for growth, by quantifying energy needs and deploying just-in-time scalable modular energy generating assets.

Understand Our Customers

We invest our time to  thoroughly understand our customers  current and future energy needs using amongst other tools, advanced data analytics to quantify current and expected usage, load profile and costs.

Cost Effective Solutions

Offering cost effective solutions through designing, funding and building energy generation facilities that yields the lowest Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) over the full plant life while not only meeting but also guaranteeing Quality of Supply (QoS) over the full term.

Financial Flexibility

We offer financial flexibility by Creating Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) specific to each Customer that incorporates a customer buy-out option at any point during the term of the PPA, hence providing full financial and ownership flexibility to the customer.

Ready to start a project?

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