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solar Installation & Maintenance

Reduce your Electricity Bill.

As more South Africans spend more time working from home. We make sure you enjoy the peace of mind knowing that those important online meetings can run smoothly. Don’t miss important meeting or lose deals because you don’t have backup power. 

Combining an energy storage system with Solar PV will help dramatically reduce your electricity bill and keep your battery charged using the sun’s power. Batteries can be cycled at night, resulting in night-time savings

Solar PV Solutions

Our Solar solutions are designed provide the best return on investment for the customer’s specific requirements. Mobility Africa Energy provides solar power plants for commercial, industrial and utility scale operations.

Easy to maintain panels and our smart AI inverter interface ensures system optimisation at all times to produce the lowest cost electricity. We offer a variety of finance options tailored to meet customer specific funding needs. At their core our solar solutions help turn the free radiant heat from the sun into significant power savings.

Say Goodbye To Loadshedding.

Weather we take you Off-Grid or provide you with a back-up system, a Home power system or energy storage system will provide backup power to your essential loads, making load shedding a thing of the past with a seamless transition from Eskom to battery power. Owning a high-quality solar system can be easy

We have positioned ourselves as a comprehensive energy solutions provider, servicing a multitude of energy demands as well as supported by well established suppliers of world-class products. Each client receives the best expertise and specialist service, tailored to one’s specific needs.

What we offer.

Solar as a Service

Solar as a Service is a pure rental product where there is no ownership of the system. Installation, monitoring and support is included.

Rent to Own

Rent to Own is just like a cellphone contract for solar. You are able to benefit from the full savings of owning the system after the contract is up. 


We offer the option to use our installer network so that you can be rest assured that your system is installed by verified and vetted install partners. 

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